Braces Timeline for Your Child’s Orthodontic Care

Getting braces can be a major moment in your kid’s life, and it’s important for their health and confidence. They deserve to grow up with a confident smile and have a lifetime of straight, healthy teeth. Wondering what a timeline for your child’s orthodontic care looks like? We’ll break it down for you, starting from the moment you find a local kids orthodontist. 

A Timeline for Braces 

Did you know that children can need braces as early as age seven? In fact, about 40% of patients can save time, money, and discomfort by receiving orthodontic treatment before their teen years. At Henry Orthodontics, we offer many ways to straighten teeth, including metal braces, partial braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic appliances. 

Here’s how the timeline for braces typically works. 

Set up a consultation. 

This process is fairly simple. You’ll start by scheduling a free consultation and meeting with your child’s orthodontist. During the consultation, x-rays will be taken of your child’s teeth to see what next steps will be. 

Select a treatment plan.

Any issues — such as crowding, overbite, crossbite, underbite, open bite, or a gummy smile — will be identified. As your child’s orthodontist learns more about their oral health, they’ll design a treatment plan that would work best for their teeth. This is where you will also decide if your child is getting traditional metal bracesInvisalign, or another option. 

Get braces put on.  

Once you’ve selected a treatment plan for your child, it’s time to get their braces on! The procedure for getting them on takes about two hours, and is painless. Throughout your child’s orthodontic treatment, we’ll schedule routine check ups. These are generally quick appointments to adjust brackets, answer questions or concerns, and check their progress. These appointments, scheduled every 6-10 weeks, typically take less than a half hour. 

Experience life with braces. 

The age old question is “How long do I have to wear braces?” and the answer always varies per patient. Depending on your child’s age, type of braces, and why they need them, the length of time the braces need to stay on will vary. At first, your child’s mouth might be a little sore, and this is normal as their teeth shift. Soft foods and drinks will be their best friend during this time. Sugar intake should be kept to a minimum, and crunchy, chewy, and hard foods should be avoided. Your child should also avoid nail-biting and chewing on objects, such as pens and ice cubes. 

Get braces taken off.

When your child’s braces journey comes to an end, there will be a couple of visits: one for your child to get their braces off, one for them to get fit for their retainer, and one for them to receive their retainer. Braces removal generally takes 70-80 minutes, and is a comfortable and easy process. After removal, your child’s teeth will be molded for a retainer, which will help them maintain their beautiful smile long after having the braces! 

Looking for a Kids Orthodontist in St. Augustine?

At Henry Orthodontics, we love helping kids get straight, healthy smiles they can feel good about! We’re also happy to help teens and adults transform their smiles, and we’d love to discuss a timeline for your child’s orthodontic care with you. 

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