Facts and Fiction: Dispelling Myths About Orthodontics in St. Augustine

Most of us are born with imperfect teeth. They’re a little bit crooked, or crowded, or misaligned. We believe everyone deserves a smile they can be confident with. Braces can create a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles, which is why so many people are considering them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about braces and orthodontics. We believe that everyone has a right to make an informed decision about their teeth, so we would like to set the record straight and clear up those myths.

Myth: Braces Are Just for Appearances

Many people who visit the orthodontic specialists of St. Augustine believe that braces are just cosmetic tools that have no medical importance. That is not the case. While braces can lead to a more beautiful smile, they can also help to keep your mouth healthy.

Reality: Braces Can Prevent Dental Health Problems

Misaligned teeth can cause a lot of problems. They often create crevices that are hard to clean, which helps dangerous bacteria to grow in the mouth. That can encourage tooth decay. A few misaligned teeth can also interfere with proper jaw movements and biting, which can put more stress on the jaw over time.

Myth: Any Dentist Can Prepare Braces

General dentists form the first line of defense against oral health problems. That means that it is natural to assume that they can prepare a set of braces for their patients. The reality is more complicated. While a dentist may tell you that you need braces, they will point you to qualified orthodontics practices to help.

Reality: Braces Need Specialized Skills

Braces can be complicated and you deserve an experienced team. Orthodontists specialize in fixing problems with tooth alignment, which means that they have spent the time to acquire those skills. In fact, fitting people with braces is one of the most common orthodontic services in St. Augustine. 

Myth: Braces Always Hurt

These myths actually have some basis in history. Old braces were fairly tight and painful because they relied on stiff wires to force teeth into place. The good news is that technology has moved on.

Reality: Modern Braces Are Gentle

The braces of the past may have been stiff, but modern materials allow us to make them much more flexible. They also exert less force on the teeth. That makes them much more comfortable than the braces that were in use a century ago.

Myth: Tighter Braces Work More Quickly

On the surface, this myth sounds fairly reasonable. After all, braces work by gently pushing teeth into the right position. It is natural to assume that applying more force will move them more quickly. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.

Reality: Realignment Takes Time

Teeth simply need time to move. Applying too much force can even be dangerous because it risks causing damage to the mouth. Patience is the key to building a better smile.

Myth: Only Children Get Braces

When people think about braces, they usually picture them on a young person. Many people believe that you can only get braces while you are young, but that is a myth. While young people are the most common candidates, that does not mean that they are the only people who can use them.

Reality: Braces Work at Any Age

The fact of the matter is that adults can also get braces to realign their teeth. The process can take a little longer, but it is fundamentally similar. Roughly one set of braces out of every five goes to an adult. Some adults get braces for cosmetic reasons, while others use them to correct dental problems. They really can be a powerful tool for correcting problems at any age.

Find More Myths About Orthodontics

You deserve to know about your orthodontic options and make an informed decision about your dental health. Henry Orthodontics can help you explore your options and find the right way to improve your smile. If you’re considering braces, be sure to contact us to schedule a consultation.