An Ideal Bite

The reason we put braces on the teeth of patients with crooked teeth is to obtain an ideal bite. An ideal bite can be a little tricky to define, but there is no doubt that crooked teeth can cause problems, and at Henry Advanced Orthodontics in St. Augustine, bringing them into proper alignment is our goal.

When teeth are perfectly aligned, the edges of the upper front teeth are parallel to the lower lip, when you are smiling. When you relax and your bite is closed, about half to two-thirds of the length of your bottom teeth should be visible.

But most of us aren’t born with teeth so perfectly aligned. Poorly aligned teeth can put unnecessary strain on your jaw or on some of the teeth. This can result in pain in the jaw muscles, and even damage to certain teeth.

It’s easy to see that an ideal bite is good for the teeth and jaw alike. Correcting misaligned teeth means preventing damage and needless pain. As a bonus, you’ll get a more attractive smile.

Orthodontic treatment from Henry Advanced Orthodontics in St. Augustine allows you avoid these painful issues, and have a beautiful smile. It doesn’t matter how old you are: an ideal bite is achievable at any age. We offer traditional metal braces, and also provide clear braces from Invisalign. Schedule an appointment with us today.