Advanced Orthodontics: What Sets it Apart from Traditional Care? 

It’s impossible to ignore the impact orthodontics has had on our oral health and smiles. Think about it: from the metal braces of our parents’ generation to the invisible aligners that are popular today, orthodontics has come a long way. But there’s an even newer frontier in orthodontic care: advanced orthodontics.

Advanced orthodontics is a specialized field that leverages state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques to provide a higher standard of patient care. It’s an exciting field that is not only about correcting dental issues but also improving overall oral health and well-being.

Today, we’ll cover what makes advanced orthodontics unique and how it has innovated past traditional treatments. Before we can understand these changes, we should start by reviewing what traditional orthodontics encompasses. 

A Brief Overview of Traditional Orthodontics

Traditional orthodontics has been around for centuries, with roots that trace back to ancient civilizations, and it has made huge strides since then. At its core, traditional orthodontics focuses on fixing problems with the alignment of teeth and jaws. This is usually done with braces, which use brackets and wires to gradually move the teeth into the correct positions.

Traditional orthodontics has accomplished much for oral health, but it does have some downsides compared to advanced orthodontics. Metal braces can be uncomfortable, not aesthetically pleasing, and may need regular orthodontist visits for adjustments. But they do tend to be more budget-friendly compared to some modern options like Invisalign.

What is Advanced Orthodontics? 

Advanced orthodontics is the future of the orthodontics field. It uses modern technology, innovative techniques, and a more complete approach to address a broader range of dental and orthodontic issues, going beyond what traditional orthodontics can offer.

It involves the use of high-tech tools like 3D imaging and computer-guided treatments to provide personalized care to each patient. But it’s not just about straightening teeth – it also aims to improve the look of your smile, how your jaw functions, and the health of your mouth as a whole.

For example, many practices now use 3D imaging techniques to make detailed pictures of a patient’s mouth. In turn, the orthodontist can more easily plan and carry out treatments. 

Another major change is the use of computer-guided treatment planning. This is a software tool that lets orthodontists simulate the results of treatments, allowing them to adjust their approach to each patient’s specific needs. It also lets patients see what their treatment results might look like, which can help motivate them to stick with it.

Advanced Orthodontics and the Patient Experience

One of the primary goals of advanced orthodontics is to improve the experience for patients. Traditional treatments like braces often come with discomfort, concerns about appearance, and the hassle of upkeep. Advanced orthodontic treatments aim to fix these problems.

Take clear aligners like Invisalign as an example. This popular advanced orthodontic treatment is nearly invisible, can be removed, and is custom-made for each patient. This means they’re more comfortable, easier to care for, and look better than traditional braces. And usually, they don’t require as many visits to the orthodontist, which is great for patients with busy schedules.

A More Complete Approach to Care

Advanced orthodontics also differs from traditional orthodontics in that it takes a more complete approach to care.

In addition to straightening teeth, advanced orthodontics also takes into account the overall health of a patient’s mouth and body. This often means working with other healthcare professionals, such as your primary dentist, to provide better care throughout the time you’re wearing braces or using aligners. 

For another example, orthodontists might team up with sleep specialists to deal with issues like sleep apnea, using specially-made oral appliances to keep the airway open during sleep. This can lead to more restful nights without any disturbances. 

The Impact of Advanced Orthodontics on Facial Aesthetics

Another exciting aspect of advanced orthodontics is its focus on facial aesthetics. Traditional orthodontics has mainly focused on straightening teeth without necessarily considering the impact on the patient’s overall facial harmony. In contrast, advanced orthodontics incorporates principles of dentofacial orthopedics.

This approach involves guiding facial growth and development in younger patients and considering the balance between the teeth, jaws, and facial structure in adults. By doing this, advanced orthodontics seeks to improve not only the smile but also the overall facial profile, creating harmonious and pleasing outcomes.

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