5 Signs You Need to See an Orthodontist

Orthodontists are dentists who specialize in treating malocclusion. If you’re wondering when to see an orthodontist or visit an orthodontics clinic, you’re certainly not the only one! Generally speaking, you should see an orthodontist anytime you have questions or concerns about the positioning of your teeth, including what they look like and how they feel. Still, there are several reasons people tend to see an orthodontist.

Here are five signs you need to see one.


1. You experience pain or soreness in your mouth, teeth, or gums.

Your mouth, teeth, and gums aren’t supposed to hurt. If they do, there’s a reason for it. When your teeth aren’t in proper alignment or there are other underlying issues in your mouth, it can lead to pain. If you’re experiencing pain or soreness in your mouth, teeth, or gums, an orthodontist can determine what’s causing your discomfort and provide orthodontic treatment that will offer relief. 

2. You suffer from sleep apnea or breathing troubles. 

If you suffer from sleep apnea or breathing troubles, then it may be because your airways are blocked. This can occasionally be attributed to a narrow jaw, which prevents teeth from getting into proper alignment and blocks air from passing through. If you frequently breathe through your mouth to get enough oxygen; wake up with a sore, dry throat; or snore loudly, then you likely suffer from sleep apnea. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment has proven to be an effective way to improve sleep apnea and breathing troubles. 

3. You struggle to articulate.

If you struggle to articulate when speaking, then it may be related to your teeth! If you have a noticeable lisp or whistle when you speak, it could be due to an overbite or gaps in your teeth. Additionally, if you ever find yourself slurring your words or even stuttering, it could be that your jaw structure or current teeth placement is restricting movement, leading to slurred words and stutters. Similarly, if you have a hard time pronouncing words, it might also be attributed to your current teeth placement. Some sounds, like “t”, “s,” and “ch” require tongue-to-tooth contact, and the placement of your teeth may be preventing you from correct pronunciations. An orthodontist can help properly align your teeth, allowing you to articulate better than ever before. 

4. You have difficulty chewing.

If you want to eat, then you need to be able to chew. When your teeth aren’t properly aligned, however, it can become difficult to even chew. Malocclusion can cause a host of problems — including overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites — that prevent your teeth from fitting together the way they should, making it difficult to chew. Orthodontic treatment can make it possible for you to enjoy food without pain or difficulty. 

5. You don’t feel confident in your smile. 

Sometimes, there’s not a major issue with your teeth — you just want to feel more confident in your smile. If your smile is crooked, gapped, or uneven, it’s easy to want to hide your smile, avoid photographs, or even resist smiling altogether. You deserve to have a smile you’re confident in and can proudly show off to the world, so if you feel embarrassed about your smile for any reason, orthodontic treatment can change your life. 

Transform Your Smile Today!

If any of the above signs apply to you, then it’s time to see an orthodontist. At Henry Orthodontics, the team at our orthodontics clinic is proud to deliver trademark smiles to those in St. Augustine and the surrounding FL communities. Ready to transform your smile? Schedule a free consultation today!